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Another FID Finder

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Gene Liedel

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Posted: 3 Jul 2007


Getting a list of the FIDs associated with users ...


Another way to get a FID list is to use the gwcheck.log file generated by using the Audit feature, and then the DOS Find command to search for lines containing the phrase \user. For example,

find /I "\user" gwcheck.log | more

will find those lines, and the "more" option will display them one page at a time. This can also be done with the grep command in Linux.

Here is a sample result:

Audit report for user (Larry) on database GW001\GWPO:\po05\ofuser\userxxo.db
Audit report for user (Moe) on database GW001\GWPO:\po05\ofuser\useryir.db
Audit report for user (Curly) on database GW001\GWPO:\po05\ofuser\useryx4.db

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