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Creating Reusable Vacation Rules

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By Dave Simons

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Posted: 3 Jul 2007

Summer is here, so here's a update on how to create a vacation rule in your GroupWise client.

To set up a reusable vacation rule:

1. From your Group Wise toolbar, click Tools and then Rules. The Rules dialog appears.

2. Click New. The New Rules dialog appears.

3. Complete the following steps in the New Rules box:

  • Enter a name for the rule in the Rule Name field.
  • Under "When event is New Item", select Received.
  • Under Item Types, select the item to which you want to send an auto-reply.

4. Click Define Conditions. Here you will begin to define the conditions under which your auto-reply will be sent.

Figure 1 - Defining conditions for the new rule

5. Click the down arrow by the dropdown menu on the left side of the first box to display options.

6. Locate Delivered from the list and select it.

Note: If the Delivered option is not in this list, click on the All Fields option at the end of the list. From the list displayed, select Delivered and then click OK.

Figure 2 - Selecting the Delivered option

7. Click the up/down arrow to the right.

Figure 3 - Accessing the On or After Date option

8. Select On or After Date from the list displayed.

9. In the next box, select the number of days from today that you want your auto-reply to begin.

The rule definition is listed at the top of the box. For example, if you want it to begin in three days, enter a 3 in the box. Your definition will read "Include entries where ... Delivered is greater than or equal to 3 Days after Today".

10. Click the last button (End).

Figure 3 - End button

11. Select "And" from the list displayed.

This will begin another row. This row will be a lot like the first one, but it will define when you want your auto-reply to end.

12. Click the down arrow by the drop-down menu on the left side of the first box to display options.

13. Select Delivered from the list displayed.

14. Click Next.

15. Select On or Before Date from the list displayed.

16. In then next box, replace the number with the number of days from today that you want your auto-reply to cease (the day you are returning from your vacation). You can edit these days to re-use this rule.

17. Click the last button on the second row.

18. Click to select And to start a third row.

19. In this new row, click to select To from the list provided in the first field.

20. Choose Contains in the second field, then type your e-mail address in the next field.

This ensures that only e-mail sent directly to you, unlike e-mail sent to you by way of list servers and whatnot, will be affected by the rule. This step ensures that your rule will not cause a loop.

21. Select And in the last field to start a fourth and final row.

22. In the first field, select From from the list provided.

23. Click Does Not Contain in the second field.

24. In the third field, type your e-mail address. This further ensures that this rule won't cause a loop.

25. Select End in the last field of this last row.

26. Click OK. The New Rule box appears.

27. Locate "Then Actions Are" and select Add Action, Reply.

28. Confirm that Reply to Sender is selected, and then click OK.

29. Type your "I'm on vacation and you are not" message, then click OK.

30. Click Save, then Close.

That's it, you're done.

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