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Solving Slow Performance with the "To" Field

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By Joerg Rohrer

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Posted: 31 Jul 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Since we've upgraded to 7.0 we've had more users complain about GroupWise hanging or freezing up when using the To field. Even on something like "auto-fill" of the TO: line, Groupwise can hang up at any point and literally freeze for several seconds (such as in typing addresses for the message). Sometimes it's perfectly fine; other times it just freezes up the system while it apparently searches the address books."

And here's the response from Joerg Rohrer ...


I had the same issue. My solution is:

1. Open the Address Book.

2. Go to File > Name Completion Search Order.

3. Change the position of the selected books (Novell GroupWise Address Book in first position).

4. Click OK.

5. Close the Address Book and the Client.

6. Log in again. Now you can change the search Order back again.

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