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Changing a GroupWise Given Name

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Posted: 24 Jul 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"A GroupWise user wants to change his Given Name. For some reason I can't edit it in Console One's General/identification window. From the users General Identification menu, when I click on the Given Name and try to change it or type anything in, a dropdown menu appears with the cursor on the top/blank line. When I type a new name in and hit Apply or Enter, it disappears and I'm left with the original name. Do I have to delete and re-add the user?"

And here are the responses from Paul Lamontagne and Uwe Buckesfeld ...


Paul Lamontagne

You highlight the user in the GroupWise view and right mouse and rename. This renames the GroupWise account only.

If you highlight the users name from the NDS-TREE view and right mouse rename that renames the eDir object and not the GroupWise account name.

Uwe Buckesfeld

This is due to some rather bizarre Console One behavior. The existing value tries to hide from the aggressive admin. You have to click it a few times until it is no longer in the drop down, then click at the end of the value so it is no longer completely highlighted, then try using the backspace key to delete it. If this works, you can then overwrite it.

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