Setting Passwords with the Notes Driver on a Remote Share

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By Geoffrey Carman

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Posted: 11 Jul 2007

The IDM 3.5 Lotus Notes driver adds a new feature - the ability to set the password on a Notes ID file. This is an amazing feature that is very useful.

The developer has a Cool Solution on setting it up, at:

One requirement is that the Notes driver shim be able to get at the ID files via file system access. The developer has not said whether it will work on a remote share.

In testing, we have found that if the Driver Shim machine has Client32 installed, and the Shim service is running as a username/password that has local admin rights, and access to the file shares, then it does appear to work across shares. We tried using Client32 to get to a Netware server, and tried using Windows networking to CIFS on the Netware server. In both cases it worked.

For troubleshooting help, here are two of the possible error codes:

  • 6402, bad path to file
  • 6408, old password does not match

In this case, the users Notes.ID files will be sitting in their home directories, named either %Username%.id (whatever their username is, followed by a period, then ID) or for many, it will be called "user.id" in the same path.

We pass the two paths to the driver seperated by a semi-colon, and it tries both, so we almost always get a 6402 because only one path is right, and then sometimes a 6408 if a password sync event had been missed.

A quick workaround, if you know the Notes ID files password, is to set the eDirectory password to what the Notes password should be. You will get another 6408 because the old password is wrong. But then when you try another password change in eDirectory, you will be sending the current Notes password as old-password and the new one, so it should work.

Below are samples of the 6402 and 6408 error codes:

9:12:57 920F9320 Drvrs: Notes ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \TIDM\US\ACME\idm\treelink\Notes
Channel: Subscriber
Object: \TIDM\US\ACME\idmusers\WRay
Status: Error
Message: 6402
processModifyPasswordEvent: changeIDFilePwd:
user-id-file: \\testacme\data1\faci\users\WRay\user.id failed: return
code=6402 Could not open the ID file.

09:12:57 920F9320 Drvrs: Notes ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \TIDM\US\ACME\idm\treelink\Notes
Channel: Subscriber
Object: \TIDM\US\ACME\idmusers\WRay
Status: Error
Message: 6408
processModifyPasswordEvent: changeIDFilePwd:
user-id-file: \\testacme\data1\faci\users\WRay\WRay.id failed: return
code=6408 Wrong password provided; possibly old-password value did not
match. Passwords are case sensitive - be sure to use correct upper and
lower case.

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