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Form Field Visibility after a Workflow Task is Claimed

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By Rudy Duym

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Posted: 11 Jul 2007


How can I make a form field visible only after a workflow task is claimed?


You can do this with a couple of lines of JavaScript. The trick is that until a task is claimed the action buttons like approve, deny, etc., are not present.

So, you can test for the presence of the approve buttons (they can be top, bottom, or both), and if they are not present, you can execute some form script, such as hiding a field. When the form is loaded, the field will show up for a second or so, but then it will be hidden once the script is executed.

Add this code to an onload event of one of the fields:

if (!dojo.byId("ApprovalAction") &&  !dojo.byId("ApprovalAction1") {
  // task is not claimed

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