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How to put a Linux SMDR in NetWare Mode or in Dual Mode

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By Dean Giles

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Updated: 20 Jul 2007


When adding Linux servers to your network you may find that you need to back them up from a NetWare server. In order to backup the Linux server from the NetWare backup server, you need to put the TSA in either NetWare mode or in Dual mode.


Unload the tsafs, then reload it with the appropriate switch below.

/opt/novell/sms/bin/smsconfig -u tsafs (To unload the tsafs)

/opt/novell/sms/bin/smsconfig -l tsafs --tsamode=NetWare (To put it in NetWare mode)

/opt/novell/sms/bin/smsconfig -l tsafs --tsamode=dual (To put it in Dual mode, i.e both NetWare and Linux)

Updated - July 20, 2007:

The /etc/opt/novell/sms/smdrd.conf file's "autoload: tsafs" line can be changed to "autoload: tsafs --tsamode=NetWare" or "autoload: tsafs --tsamode=dual" to load it in NetWare and dual mode respectively every time smdrd daemon comes up.

Note: after making the change to the configuration the smdrd has to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

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