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Fixing GMS Redirection

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By Marko Kautium

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Posted: 24 Jul 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"For some reason our GMS does not anymore know how to redirect requests from root directory '' to '' (login page) as it is supposed to, so users have to type the whole URL to get to the login page.

If a user goes to the root directory, it redirects all requests to That page shows an Application error page with timestamp and two exclamation marks.

The problem started when GMS 2SP1 upgrade broke our external certificate. I tried to re-install our old certificate, but had no luck with it. I then recreated the original Intellicync certificate, and it seems to be working fine.

The server has been rebooted several times, and I have tried to re-install GMS, but that did not fix this problem.

And here's the reply from Marko Kautium ...


1. Log on to the GMS server.

2. Stop all Mobile Suite services (Intellisync mobile suite service).

3. Navigate to folder C:\Program Files\Intellisync MobileSuite\Tomcat\webapps\

4. Rename the folder "C:\Program Files\Intellisync MobileSuite\Tomcat\webapps\genweb" to "genweb.backup"

5. Create a new folder called genweb and unpack the genweb.war file to it.

(Note: You can use winzip to extract this file or temporarily rename it to and use Windows Explorer to extract it)

6. Restart the Mobile Suite services and servers.

7. Open up the Web page again, and the error should not occur.

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