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Solving Trusted Key Issues with Blackberry Server and ConsoleOne

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By Mike Romine

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Posted: 14 Aug 2007


I have a GroupWise 7.02 system on NetWare (OES) 6.5.6 that was recently upgraded from GroupWise 6.5.6, and I have BBES for GroupWise. All seems to be running well after the upgrade, except that when I go to add a new user to the Blackberry server, I get an error: "The Trusted Application Key could not be loaded. Access to GroupWise is disabled." All the existing Blackberry's work fine, so I know the access is still there. Any ideas on how to make this work?


Here's the fix:

1. Delete the Trusted Key using ConsoleOne.

2. Use the Blackberry "Key Generator Application" to create a new one.

3. Go into the BB Server Configuration app on the Blackberry server and paste the new key into the "GroupWise Settings" tab.

4. Bounce the box, and all should be well.

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