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Results of Open Call: Driver Association Descriptions

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Posted: 18 Jul 2007

Here are a few more driver association descriptions, sent in by a few of our Cool Solutions readers:

Brent Kynaston

  • TriVir Identity Manager Driver for RSA - Uses the RSA/ACE User ID as the association value
  • TriVir Identity Manager Driver for Exchange 2007 - Uses either the Exchange SMTP primary address or the AD object GUID (optional)

Vijayakumar Eppodumvendran

  • JDBC - PrimaryKey=<Value>,Tablename=<Value>
  • DelimitedTextDriver - E-Mail (this is configurable)

Arindam Laha

  • eDirectory - eDirectory GUID value
  • Active Directory - Active Directory GUID
  • Lotus Notes - UNID (Notes Universal ID; 32-char string)
  • AS400 - USRPRF (basically the username)
  • LDAP - User's DN
  • PeopleSoft - EmployeeID

Ofer Gigi

  • LDAP - Object DN in LDAP format on the application side (e.g., uid=username,ou=somecontainer,dc=ourdomain,dc=com)
  • JDBC - Record and table in the remote database
  • SAP HR - Employee ID in the HR system
  • SAP User - Unique 12-character value in the form of "USdSAPobjectID". User names in SAP are always uppercase.
  • Delimited Text - Email value form the input CSV document
  • GroupWise - Domain.PostOffice.User{GUID}

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