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Partner Blog: Mikael Rydberg - ZENworks Configuration Management 10 Partner Training

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By Mikael Rydberg

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Posted: 12 Jul 2007

On the 3-4 of July Novell had a First Class course in Stockholm, Sweden for the upcoming ZENworks Configuration Management 10. The First Class courses are mainly for introduction to new features for upcoming releases, and there are a lot of them in ZCM10. One of the advantages of the First Class course is that you have some time to check out the upcoming product and also have some pretty good documentation with hands-on exercises to try out some of the new stuff that Novell thinks is important. Of course the tutor doesn't have the same knowledge about the products as in a "normal" course, but he handled it very well.

I've seen the new Configuration Manager a couple times before and downloaded the beta, but this was the first time I actually had time to test and check out the new product. The course was set up on Beta 3 but it worked surprisingly well. A bit slow, but it was running on VMware Workstations so I guess that was the reason for the slow performance. In a live production environment this shouldn't be a problem. The new ZCM really looks good and it feels like we're gonna have a lot of new business opportunities with the product.

The course was only for partners at this time but I can really recommend it for everyone that has the opportunity to attend it.

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