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Accessing a Custom Java Method from IDM

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By Lothar Haeger

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Posted: 1 Aug 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I am new to IDM technology. I would like to know whether is it possible to access the custom Java method from Identity Manager.

I am using the delimited text driver and generating a .csv file while adding/modifying/deleting the users. I am reading these .csv files and generating an XML file for each user with the data in the .csv file. I have finished the Java code and is working fine manually. But my requirement is to invoke this java code after each add/modify/delete operation."

And here's the response from Lothar Haeger ...


On IDM 2 or 3.0, tru this:

On the server,

1. Create a .jar file of your code.

2. Place it in the path of your IDM server.

3. Restart DirXML (or eDirectory, or the server).

In iManager or Designer,

4. Create a namespace mapping.

5. Call your code via the mapping from xpath.

For IDM 3.5.x it's the same as above; or, in iManager/designer:

1. Port your code to ECMA script (aka Javascript).

2. Place the code in an ecma script policy.

3. Link the policy to the driver.

4. Call your code from XPATH via the es:myFunction mapping.

The documentation does not talk a lot about this, unfortunately. Take a look at the "IntruderLockout" policy in this driver for an example:

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