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Date Conversion Rule for Policy Builder

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Michel Bluteau

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Posted: 18 Jul 2007

Note: This tip is a follow-up to Martyn Durrant's Cool Solution Getting the Current Time into the UserApp Flow.

Here is an example on how to convert the date/time from YYYYMMDD12000000+ZONE to eDirectory format (e.g., 1167627600) in Policy Builder, for the date only:

      <if-op-attr name="rbac-delegateStartDateString" op="available"/>
    <do-set-src-attr-value name="rbac-delegateStartDate">
      <arg-value type="string">
        <token-convert-time dest-format="!CTIME" dest-tz="America/New_York" 
src-format="yyyyMMdd" src-tz="America/New_York">
          <token-substring length="8">
          <token-op-attr name="rbac-delegateStartDateString"/>

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