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Changing a Name while Still Using an Old Email Address

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By Wally Frist

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Posted: 24 Jul 2007


The Name Change - Life After Marriage ...

Somebody got married and changed her last name. MarriedWoman also wants to keep her original email address so she doesn't loose contacts.


After performing a normal name change in NDS and GroupWise, add an alias.

1. Go to the Properties of "MarriedWoman".

Figure 1 - Properties of MarriedWoman

2. On the GroupWise tab, select Gateway Aliases and click Add.

Figure 2 - Gateway Aliases

3. Click the Gateway Alias Type button.

Figure 3 - Create Alias dialog

4. Select the Domain and Gateway Alias Type, which is probably your GWIA or SMTP gateway.

Figure 4 - Selecting the GroupWise object

5. Add the old email address - "SingleWoman@Somewhere.Something"

Figure 5 - Creating the alias

Now the MarriedWoman can still receive email for SingleWoman, although this might not be good for MarriedMan. ;-)

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