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Scheduling eDirectory Backups

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By Bryan Keadle

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Posted: 8 Aug 2007


I've always liked the safety net of having a server's NDS backed up to a file that I can use to restore in the event of an emergency. However, I didn't like the "dsrepair -rc" method because the resulting backup file requires Novell Technical Support to restore it.

I did like the NWCONFIG Directory Backup and restore method, which did give me a file I could restore myself (in an emergency). Although I had a stuffkey script to do this, it was pretty fragile and not very dependable to be done as a scheduled task.

With Netware 6.5, I was all excited about being able to do this using EMBOX, but I was quickly scared away from this solution because it required revealing an admin user login name and password in clear text, and it seemed far too complicated.


In that pursuit, however, I learned of DSBK.NLM. It's a simple, scriptable method for getting a backup of a server NDS. Using the script provided here, I now have a process I can run on a nightly basis to get a just-in-case backup of the eDir files on a server.

This provided script, dsbackup.ncf, will create 4 generations of this backup into a SYS:SYSTEM\NDS.BAK directory, like this:

where the generated files are:

  (servername).nds - first generation nds backup file (last backup)
  (servername).log - first generation backup log

  (servername).nd1  - second generation nds backup file (previous backup)
  (servername).lo1  - second generation backup log

  (servername).nd2  - third generation

  (servername).nd3  - forth generation

The includes.lst file is a list of additional files to include in the backup. I've provided a few other files to be included in the backup (modify as you see fit):

  • sys:system\autoexec.ncf
  • sys:etc\netinfo.cfg
  • sys:etc\hostname
  • sys:\etc\hosts
  • sys:etc\resolv.cfg
  • sys:etc\slp.cfg
  • sys:system\timesync.cfg
  • sys:etc\tcpip.cfg;

Additionally, I've included an add2crontab.txt file containing a crontab entry you can add to your SYS:ETC\CRONTAB file to schedule the dsbackup.ncf to run every night just before midnight.

Click here for more information about DSBK.NLM ...

Enjoy ... rest easy.

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