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Shared Folders Utility for Windows

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By Dave Parkes

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Posted: 7 Aug 2007


If you are a GroupWise 7 Administrator with users who lose folders, share folders, or use GroupWise Document Management, you know that there are a number of challenges you face routinely. How do you "find" a folder that a user moved three levels deep into the Cabinet? What happens when a user leaves and owns important shared folders? How can you get a list of document references in mailboxes? How can you find who is sharing folders, and who the sharees are?


All of these mysteries can be revealed by Dave Parkes' new GroupWise Shared Folder Administration Program. This program is an update from his GroupWise Transfer Folder Utility. The new program works with GroupWise 7 and greater and is a must have for any administrator who deals with shared folders. It's also a nice tool in the arsenal for ALL GroupWise 7 administrators who support users with complex folder structures.

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