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Changing the Default Port used by ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM)

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By D A Umesh

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Posted: 8 Aug 2007

By default, ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM) listens on port 80. However, this can cause problems in many organizations. Port 80 by default is often occupied with the web server, causing the configuration of ZLM to fail. If you are experiencing that problem, never fear - you just have to make ZLM listen on a different port. Here is what you do to make ZlM listen on a different port, such as port 8081.

  1. First check to see if any services are listening on port 443 and port 80.
    # netstat -na | grep 443
    # netstat -na | grep 80

  2. If any service is listening, stop the service.

  3. Now configure ZLM.
    # zlm-config

  4. After configuration is completed, stop ZLM services.
    # zlm-config -stop

  5. Edit /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/tomcat/base/server.xml file
    # vi /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/tomcat/base/server.xml

  6. Modify this section of configuration in server.xml to listen on port 8081
    <!-- Define a non-SSL Coyote HTTP/1.1 Connector on port 80 -->
           	     <Connector port="8081"   -----------> Change the Port no. here

  7. Start ZLM Services.
    # zlm-config -start

Note: no service should be listening on port 443.

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