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Solving Trace File Overwrites in IDM

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Posted: 15 Aug 2007


Your trace files are being overwritten in Identity Manager 3.5.


Never lose your trace files.

The IDM engine supports two ways to handle trace files: either they can be unlimited in size, or they can be automatically rolled over 10 times. The first option might not be so wise, because a system could run out of disc space if not observed carefully. The latter option comes with the disadvantage that at a certain point in time the oldest trace file is overwritten.

Since both methods have their weak points, there is one solution that solves both disadvantages with IDM 3.5. The idea is to use a scheduled trigger to rename the attribute DirXML-Trace file of the driver object itself. Then a separate process on the server can archive the old, offline trace files.

Here are the steps to take:

1. Configure the trace file size to "unlimited".

2. Set up a scheduled trigger job for the driver.

3. Introduce a SubscriberEvet Transformation policy that sets the DirXML-Tracefile attribute on the driver object to a valid, new name containing a timestamp.

That's all.


Here's an example policy that uses a trigger operation to rename trace files:

  <description>use Current Date in Trace File Name</description>
      <if-operation op="equal">trigger</if-operation>
      <if-xml-attr name="source" op="equal">Rename Trace File</if-xml-attr>
    <do-set-src-attr-value name="DirXML-TraceFile">
        <token-text notrace="true" xml:space="preserve">services\DriverSet\Delimited Text</token-text>
      <arg-value type="string">
        <token-text xml:space="preserve">/home/userapp/dttrace</token-text>
        <token-time format="" lang="de-DE" tz="CET"/>
        <token-text xml:space="preserve">.log</token-text>

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