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Illegal Partition Table Error While Booting

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By Shashikala BV

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Posted: 10 Sep 2007


System throwing Illegal Partition Table error while booting.


Illegal Partition Table error message during system booting is because the Partition Table got corrupted / deleted.


After successful completion of OES 2.0, try to create NSS volumes by typing the nssmu command on the Linux console. You will see a blue screen with the Main menu having following options:

Devices			Partitions			Pools
Volumes			RAID Devices			Snapshot

Select Pools and press the Ins key to create a pool. You will see only sda under devices. This is because hdb is not initialised. Go back to main menu and select Devices. You will be able to see both the HDDs. Now you can initialise hdb by selecting it and pressing F3 key from the keyboard. It will throw a warning message to proceed / not. You can accept this. Now go back to Pools and try to create a pool. You will get both the HDDs displayed under devices.

Important: While initialising the HDD from Devices menu, by mistake if you initialise the HDD where OS is installed and restart the system, you will end up with Illegal Partition Table error while booting and you will loose your OS and data. You will have to reinstall the whole thing again.

Tip: Never initialise the HDD where OS and data exists.


OES 2.0 with 2 HDDs (sda & hdb)

sda is used for Linux partitions (/, swap and boot). hdb is free.

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