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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 10 Aug 2007

openSUSE Linux Rants - Announcing Direct Access to openSUSE Linux Rants ebook Library
by Scott Morris

Announcing full access to the ebook library for everyone who wants it! There were many people who contacted me about the YAST book, "YAST - Installation and Management of Software". The common theme was, "We don't want to have to wait through the course to get the free ebooks, we want them NOW!"

Because I like to give people what they want, I have made it possible for everyone to get every ebook on this site in 2 clicks. Hopefully that's up to par for what you want. You can request these books from the form in the left nav of

Here is the current run-down of ebooks available here (and a nice, fat plenty more are on their way):

  • Investigation 101 - Gathering Information about Hardware, Filesystem, and Processes (22 pgs) - Newest Book
    Sometimes, you need to gather information about your Linux system. This can be so that you know what is happening on your system, or so that you can install hardware, or so that you can better describe details to other people who are trying to help you resolve an issue.

    As I was writing this e-book, I found that there are quite a number of ways to gather some very useful information about your computer.

  • openSUSE 10.2 - Start-Up Manual (236 pgs)
    This manual provided by the good folks at Novell goes over many things you'll want to know when learning to use openSUSE Linux 10.2.

  • YAST - Installation and Management of Software (23 pgs)
    One of the very first things that users need to know is how to install software in Linux. This book is a no-nonsense introduction to mastering the basics of using YAST to manage your system software. It also provides a few tips on how to get all the latest software from all the great servers.

  • The Easiest Linux Guide You'll Ever Read - an introduction to Linux for Windows users (162 pgs)
    Last year I published this book for SUSE 10.1, though almost all of it is relevant to openSUSE 10.2. It was mainly written for people who are competent with using Windows, who have never attempted to use Linux but are interested in giving it a try.

You will find the form to get the ebooks in the left nav on, my openSUSE Linux blog. There are a number of other ebooks on the way. These won't take as long to get finished, so we'll have some new ones for you shortly.


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