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Solving ConsoleOne Display Corruption

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Tony Kelly

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Posted: 22 Aug 2007


Have you ever found that ConsoleOne's display settings can get corrupt? This is a similar problem with DHCP Manager. Put simply, the interface is Java.

So why does it corrupt? Having lots of windows open, or doing lots of things on the PC can cause it to lose the plot and exhibit really cool hieroglyphics.


There are three possible solutions:

1) Close ConsoleOne or DHCP Manager down and fire it up again, to clear the cache.

2) Simply change your Color Quality down a level, then back again. The screen will then refresh.

3) A colleague suggested this one, and it's the best fix:

As we are Network admins, we are not playing computer games (well I hope not), so high-powered graphics aren't really a requirement. If you turn graphics acceleration down, this stops ConsoleOne and DHCP Manager from corrupting ever again. I suppose this could apply to any other graphical Java GUIs ...

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