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ZENworks Handheld Management 7 Scan Rules

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Posted: 22 Aug 2007

Here's a nice cheat sheet that will show you at a glance the scan rules and intervals for different devices being managed by ZENworks Handheld Management 7 (ZHM7). Check this TID to see any additional information that might have been added since this article was published.

ConsoleOne "Scan Now" functionality

The Scan Now operation forces the ZHM7 server to reread eDirectory information for any changes in Policy and Application configurations, and to make appropriate changes in database.

Note: This scanning occurrs at a regular interval as specified in the property page of ZHM Service Object in ConsoleOne. If your polices and application configurations do not change very often, it is advisable to keep the default Scan Interval to a high value because directory scanning is a time consuming process.

Hardware inventory scan functionality for Windows CE & Palm Devices

A fresh hardware inventory is sent to the server every time the handheld device connects to the ZHM7 backend (by cradling or by pressing "Connect Now" on the ZHM7 agent console on the handheld device).

For an IP-based "always connected" device, this interval is 60 minutes by default.

Hardware inventory scan functionality for Blackberry Devices

This is governed by a policy.

Software Inventory Scan functionality for Windows CE & Palm Devices

A fresh software inventory is sent to the server at most once in 24 hours. Even if a device connects more frequently to the ZHM backend, the software inventory will not be collected and sent.

The 24-hour period is calculated from when the device connects to the Access Point. The Access Point bases its decision on the time-values stored in its memory and current time.

The Access Point that the device connects to keeps information about when the last software inventory was sent by a particular device. The Access Point keeps this information in a data-structure in its memory. When the device connects the next time, the Access Point looks at this data-structure and verifies if the software inventory was collected in the last 24 hours. If it was not collected, then the Access Point requests the device to send the software inventory during this connection.

Software Inventory Scan functionality for Blackberry Devices

The software inventory scan interval is based on a policy.

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