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Configuring WebAccess in Academic Settings

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Posted: 4 Sep 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"We are getting ready to set up either a Domain and PostOffice for our students. The students will only have WebAccess using our Web Server. However, we do not want them to have access to our "System" Address book - only the one for that specific Post Office. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated."

And here are responses from Tim Heywood and Steve Eschenburg ...



All of the systems that I have set up for the educational world have had a domain for the staff and a domain (or domains) for the students.

Where we have set up large WebAccess systems in the recent past, we have used the Linux version for the WebAccess agents and the Apache/tomcat. Depending upon how many users you expect to use WebAccess, you might be best served by having 2 WA Agents and 2 WA Applications. You can then cross-link the applications and agents. If the whole thing is fronted by a Layer 4 switch, your users should never notice when you are working in the background.


You could also try a setup something like this ...

DOM1 - Handles two post offices, one for staff, one for students
DOM2 - Handles WebAccess

On the Staff post office, you set user visibility to "Post Office". Staff addresses will appear in address books of others within their post office only. On the Student post office you set user visibility to "System". Student addresses will appear in address books across the entire system.

Of course, once a staff member emails a student, that student will have the staff member's address. And, if you use a standard naming convention, once one staff member's address is known all the others will be easy to decipher.

You can also create a Class of Service in WebAccess to limit who can use WebAccess and who cannot. Similar settings are available on your GWIA - you can allow a class to receive Internet mail but not send it, etc.

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