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Restoring a Personal Address Book from Backup

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By Tim Heywood

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Posted: 11 Sep 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Is it still the case there's not simple way of restoring a deleted personal address book from a backed up PO, other than downing and POA replacing the USERxxx.db, logging in to the client and exporting the PAB, downing the POA and replacing it with original USERxxx.db?

The worst thing is going into the backup mailbox, seeing all the address books contacts and having no way of exporting them out! It's like I can see and look, but I can't touch!"

And here's the response from Tim Heywood ...


That is probably the quickest way, but there is another way. If you have the restore area already set,

1. Change the PO from C/S to C/S and direct.

2. Rebuild the wphost.db (so that you have a version with the changes that is not in the PO).

3. Save it to the restore area.

4. Open a client in Direct mode.

5. Save the address book and then get the user to import into the live system.

In essence, this is the same process as you are using, but without having to bounce the PO twice.

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