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Moving IDM Drivers from NetWare to Linux

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By Armando A. Perez

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Posted: 19 Sep 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I am running designer 2.0.1. I am moving all my test servers (12 of them, with 10 drivers) to one of my ESX systems.

In the past when I have tried to deploy a Designer project to different servers, the deployment has always been incomplete, with the drivers missing much information. I *believe* in the past all I did was add the new server to the driver and copy server specific data. Even after that, my GCVs for the new server were blank. Is something like this supported?"


I recently transitioned all of my IDM driver/sets from Netware to Linux, something similar to what you are trying to do.

Below are the steps i used to transition the driver/sets to the new oes/linux servers. Note - some items may not apply to your situation.

1. Ensure replicas are communicating and DS is healthy and ensure ntpdate is working correctly.

2. Create new SSL certificates for AD driver, using same name as old one

3. Ensure that the new target servers have read/write replicas of all partitions (this should be done during server installation).

4. Copy the and files into /usr/lib/dirxml/classes (for the Oracle JDBC driver).

5. Run this command on SUSE Linux servers, so Oracle zip files can be read correctly:

export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/usr/lib/dirxml/classes

In Designer,

1. Export the driverset.

2. Remove the old server from the driverset list.

3. Add a new Linux server to the driverset.

In iManager,

1. Add new Linux server to the driverset.

2. Shut down and disable all drivers.

3. Remove the old server from the driverset.

In Designer,

1. Reimport driverset and apply passwords.

2. Update remote eDir drivers with IP address of new IDM server

3. Deploy driverset and assign security rights

4. Modify Delimited Text driver to ensure it points to the new path /usr/novell/vol1/CSV/DirXML-CAS

5. Redeploy eDir KMOs and start eDir drivers.

6. Optional: Restart the SUSE servers and ensure vrdim is loaded in ndstrace (needed for IDM drivers to work).

Note - With eDir drivers, the driver DN may be too long to automatically create SSL certs. You may need to rename it if deployment of SSL certs fails (-1211 error).

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