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Solving iPrint Errors in Mobile iManager

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By Wolfgang Schreiber

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Posted: 5 Sep 2007


When accessing iPrint objects in Mobile iManager you get one of the following errors:

  • Exception reading printer control
  • Exception reading broker information
  • Exception reading manager information

followed by:

Could not login for com.novell.service.ndps.eMFrameStartup.  
[Root exception is com.novell.service.jncp.ClientException: 
ccode = 34960 (0x8890)] Login failed.

The same Mobile iManager may work correctly at other times or against other target trees.


Besides making sure to use the current versions and proper installations of the iPrint client and iPrint plugins, the error 0x8890 indicates the cause of the problem. 0x8890 stands for "DIFF_OBJECT_ALREADY_AUTHEN" meaning that you can't log in, because you are already logged in.

This seems to be a bug in the current iPrint plugins, preventing you to connect to the target tree, if you are already connected.

To avoid this error, clear any NCP connections to the target server/tree before starting Mobile iManager (use the red "N" to clear connections).

Alternatively, you can use a server-based installation of iManager.


This problem was found on:

NetWare 6.5 SP6 with NDPS NLMs, as of August 2007, and iPrint iManager plugins as of August 2007 - Windows XP with current iPrint client.

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