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Solving a WebAccess Web Page Issue after Upgrade

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By Robert Charles Mahar

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Posted: 16 Oct 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"We upgraded to GroupWise 7.0.2 HP1 from GroupWise 6.5 SP4 (first via GroupWise 7.0.2, then applying HP1). Everything is working fine, except for a small technical issue when going to the webpage of WebAccess.

If I go to (my GroupWise WebAccess), I get the language selection page (I think this is from GroupWise 6.5). If I then click Go, I get redirected to the following page:

If I understand this correctly, I should be getting to instead. What can I do?"

And here's the response from Bob Mahar ...


If users are going to http://servername, a quick fix until you can figure it out is to modify the index.html to redirect the user to the proper URL. I assume that if you go to the /gw/webacc it all works properly. The index.html may be the located in the docs folder if you were running NES.

Also, you can make the /servlet/webacc url work properly by modifying the sys:apache2\conf\GWApache2.conf file as follows:

1. In the first few lines, find the line that says "Alias /gw ...."

2. Just after that line, add the following:

redirect permanent /servlet/webacc

where, obviously, you modify the URL on the end to point to your server.

3. Run the following commands:


Then /servlet/webacc should work properly. Either way, you have happy users.

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