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Solving Notes Driver Error "Operation stopped at your request"

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By Perry Nuffer

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Posted: 5 Sep 2007


When running the Notes Driver on a Windows machine, every now and then the driver stops working and the following error appears: "ID = 4005. Message: Notes error: Operation stopped at your request". Connection to the necessary Notes databases is lost, causing the driver to stop working. Shutting down the driver and restarting the driver does not alleviate the problem, as the driver will no longer make a proper connection to the necessary Notes databases. Shutting down the remote loader and retarting it and the driver does alleviate the problem, until it occurs again. How can I solve this unexpected Notes driver connection problem?


This error message is not rare for Domino/Notes systems, but it is often misleading. In connection with the Notes driver, the error can be caused when a user logs off from the Windows workstation, and running the driver via Remote Loader as a service. To fix this problem, ensure the Windows OS environment has the NOTESNTSERVICE=1 environment variable appropriately set (see TID 10075627).

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