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Solving User Datastore Errors after NAM Upgrade

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By Samantha Fetter

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Posted: 26 Sep 2007


Has anyone who's upgraded to RC2b seen the following scenario? I have the AC and LAG working fine, but the IDP is complaining:

User Datastores  For user store idp all replicas are not responding 
(Required Action) Ensure that all replicas of this user store are operating correctly

However, the appropriate page shows clearly that the connection to the user store (eDirectory) is working and is validated. I even re-validated without a problem. Could it be referring to the local user store?


I was told I'd have to completely reload SLES and reinstall the IDP, however, I was determined not to. I also stopped and restarted the server, but that didn't help. What finally did it?

1. Remove IDP from the cluster configuration.

2. Delete the cluster.

3. Recreate the cluster.

4. Add IDP.

And voila - it works!

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