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Installing iChain's ConsoleOne Snap-ins on a Linux Client

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By Rob Rawson

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Posted: 24 Oct 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Is it impossible - or just inconvenient - to install iChain's ConsoleOne snap-ins on a Linux client? They appear to be Windows-only."

And here's the response from Rob Rawson ...


I did manage to get the iChain schema installed and the iChain snap-in into my Linux ConsoleOne. To do this, I ran the iChain snap-in install but pointed it at a blank directory. It barked, but it allowed me to continue.

Once this was done, I deleted the PKI.jar from the snapins/Security folder. This version of PKI.jar appears to be a wrapper for the Microsoft APIs. I instead kept the native PKI.jar that was already installed on my ConsoleOne. After copying the files on top of the ConsoleOne, I was able to see that the snap-in was installed.

I then had to install the iChain schema. This is really ICE under the hood, so I could have done this from Linux as well, but instead I just ran the install from my Windows VMWare session. Once the schema was installed, I could create an ISO object and manage it from the Linux ConsoleOne.

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