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Using GroupWise Mail and Calendar on Non-Novell Portals

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By Kevin Hurni

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Posted: 25 Sep 2007


You have a non-Novell portal and you would like to use the GroupWise Mail and Calendar Portlets.

Currently, no vendor other than Novell ships the GroupWise Mail/Calendar portlets with their portal (it's only available with Extend or IDM UserApp at this point). So if you have an IBM or Jboss or other portal, you will see that most vendors offer Exchange and Notes portlets, but no GroupWise portlets.


Here's one way to work around this ...

1. Set up the User Application in IDM 3.x.

2. Configure the desired GroupWise portlets (there are three of them: GroupWiseMail, GroupWiseCalendar, and GroupWiseMailCalendar) portlets.

3. Set the portlet to perform Single Sign On as per the Accessory Portlet Reference in the IDM 3.x documentation.

4. If you are using iChain or some other SSO product, configure it to login to the User Application.

Now, let's say you want the users to access the GroupWiseMailCalendar portlet (this is a tabbed portlet). You go into your current portal (Say, IBM WebSphere) and create an iFrame portlet (IBM calls this a Web Page portlet). Point it to the URL of the actual portlet instance on User Application. In this case, the format would be:


You should be all set. What will happen is that users will log in to iChain (assuming it's front-ending your Portal and the User Application). They will be presented with the frame that points to the GroupWise portlets. iChain will forward the cookie to User Application and perform a Single Sign-on into User Application, which will, in turn, SSO into the portlet.

Granted, this is a roundabout method to accomplish this, but it does work.

In the future, Novell may release the portlets in JSR-168 format (they may still need tweaking to work with other portals), or it may be possible to install IDM 3.5.1 UserApp onto WebSphere and use the LTPA token to SSO via that method.


  • User Application 3.0.x or higher
  • iChain 2.3 or higher (I have not tested with NAM, but it should work)
  • IBM Websphere portal 6.0

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