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Monitoring Load Balancing for WebAccess Servers

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By Dave Hatfield

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Posted: 2 Oct 2007


When using multiple GroupWise Web Access servers behind a load balancer, such as the F5's BigIP, for redundancy you need to be able to monitor each server to detect any failures and remove the server from the pool. The default monitors only check for ICMP, or specifically for port 80, which will not give you the full picture.

In our setup we have four servers. Almost 99% of the time when they fail, the web server (Apache) stays up, resulting in users being redirected to the troubled server - and they cannot access their mail.


In our case we are using GroupWise 7, so here's the solution we used:

1. Go into Monitors.

2. Create a new one (we called ours "GWWA_monitor").

3. Set the send string to "GET /gw/" and the receive string to "Novell Web Services".

4. Save this configuration.

5. Go into the pool management and select the pool that handles the Web Access servers.

6. Set the Health Monitor to use the custom monitor just defined. This will apply to any servers that are members of this pool.

Note: The receive string could vary in your environment if you have modified the default login page.

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