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Novell Map Network Drive Problem from Windows Client

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By Shashikala BV

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Updated: 24 Sep 2007


Novell Map Network drive problem from Windows Client machine.


Remove the Tree and the server object from Novell Connections and try to map again. This should work. The cause for the error could be the server was rebooted or network connectivity issues.

Please see the example for more details:


In the above image, right corner of the Novell Connections screen shows that TREE-170 is already mapped. I am trying to map a network drive of and I am getting the error described above.

Now using Novell Connections I will remove both tree and server object of the server by selecting it and Detach followed by Refresh.

Make sure the Tree and server object is removed. Now try to map the Network drive again and this time the mapping should be successful.


  • NetWare servers: Versions can be 5.x or 6.x
  • Windows client machine installed with Novell Client to access NetWare machines through Novell Map Network Drive.

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