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Troubleshooting Port 25 Problems on GWIA

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By Morris Blackham

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Posted: 6 Nov 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have just installed GroupWise on OES, and I am having serious issue. I am even confused as to what the problem is. I can send mail out the Internet, but cannot receive. I cannot telnet to port 25 either, which I believe is a major issue. First I thought the problem was the MX record, but it's being confirmed as fine."

And here's the response from Morris Blackham ...


Postfix is probably tying up port 25. Here are two options, with the first being my recommended method:

1. Set GWIA to "bind exclusive to TCP/IP" address, then restart GWIA. The Postfix default configuration is to only listen on the loopback address, so setting GWIA to bind to the public address will allow co-existence.

2. Shut down and disable Postfix ("/etc/init.d/postfix stop", then "chkconfig postfix off"). The disadvantage here is that system messages and logs will not ever get e-mail to the root user.

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