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Solving Error -8200: Unable to Access SDD

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By Wally Frist

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Posted: 9 Oct 2007


When loading the POA, I got the following error copied from the log ...

[8200] Unable to access Software Distribution Directory-Gw/vol1:\grpwise\software\GW7SDD\GW7SDD

The post office functioned properly but, as it states, could not connect to the SDD. Other post offices worked fine.


After poking around in ConsoleOne a bit, I noticed that the SDD referenced in the POA object was pointing to a different server's SDD on another server. For example, under the GroupWise tab select Post Office Settings (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Post Office Settings

To find out where the SDD is pointing to, I had to go to Tools > GroupWise System Operations > Software Distribution Directory Management (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Software Distribution Directory Management

Once I knew where they were pointing to, I went back and changed the Software Distribution Directory (shown in Figure 1), using the drop-down list to select the appropriate SDD.

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