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Dual Boot SLED 10 SP1 and Windows Vista with GRUB as the Boot Loader

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By Wally Frist

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Posted: 5 Oct 2007

The easiest way to set these two operating systems up for a dual boot with GRUB as the boot loader is to first install Windows Vista, shrink the volume and then install SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Service Pack 1 in the free space. GRUB will automatically become the default boot loader this way.

Steps to shrink the Windows Vista Volume:

  1. Open Computer Management and select Disk Management.

  2. Right-click on the active volume and select Shrink Volume.

  3. The next pop-up window will auto populate the suggested shrunken volume size to about half the volume. From here just select the Shrink button.

  4. After the volume is shrunk, you can install SLED.

If you already have SLED 10 SP1 installed and you install Windows Vista, it will overwrite GRUB and replace it with its own boot loader. When this happens you will no longer have access to the Linux partition until you reinstall GRUB. The easiest way to reinstall GRUB is to boot with a SUSE live DVD and install it from there.

Steps to Reinstall GRUB:

  1. Boot with the live DVD and open a terminal and change to Super User.

  2. Type grub to load the GRUB application.

  3. At the grub> prompt, type find /boot/grub/stage1. This will find the partition with the GRUB boot files and display its location. It should read something like (hd0,5)

  4. Next type root and whatever the results that were displayed from the previous step. In this example I'd type root (hd0,5). This sets this location as the root for the install.

  5. Then type setup (hd0,5) to reinstall GRUB.

  6. When it's done type quit to exit the GRUB application.

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