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Can't See Desktop Icons after Closing VM Windows

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By Shashikala BV

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Posted: 8 Oct 2007

This Tip is intended for the administrators / users of SLED10


Desktop icons are not seen after closing and invoking VM_Windows.


Assuming you have a SLED10 machine installed with VM Windows. You are working on some of the windows applications, and may be system was hung / you don't want to perform the task at that movement, you will do a force quit of VM Windows application. Now when again if you revoke the application through Yast2, you are seeing the following screen.

This is because VM_Windows was not closed properly.

You can get the desktop icons by resetting the machine or by Power off and Quit options. To do this start VM_Windows, select Player and then Troubleshoot and select Reset OR Power Off and Quit.

Reset option will restart VM_Windows machine.

Power Off and Quit option will down the VM_Windows machine and quit from the application.


SLED10 installed with VM_Windows.

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