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By Danita Zanre

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Posted: 23 Oct 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Some users complain that the Inbox icon shows unread items, when in fact there are no unread items. Or sometimes there may be an incorrect number of unread items displayed.

For example, one of our users has a mailbox that shows 191 unread messages, but when you go into his mailbox only a handful of items are showing as unread."

And here's the response from Danita Zanre ...


Often this is an odd "sent item" that shows as unread. First, go into the Sent Items folder, select all messages, and choose "mark as read" and see if this solves it.

Invariably there really IS an unread item; it's just being able to find it that is sometimes the issue. Here are the three most likely reasons:

1. There is a filter on the mailbox that is hiding some of the unread items.

2. The display settings for the mailbox have been changed and something is not visible (appointments, notes, tasks, etc., that have been received but not accepted).

3. There are sent items that are "unread". These happen most likely with something like IMAP, but can happen for other reasons as well.

When you actually DO find the unread item and mark it read, things get back to normal.

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