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Error from Invalid Credentials Stored in CASA Secret Store

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By Shashikala BV

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Posted: 8 Oct 2007


ntfsmls [Samba] - The share TESTDATA1 does not exist on the server or invalid credentials.


This error is due to invalid credentials stored in CASA secret store.

While entering the authentication information, by mistake if you enter wrong password, this gets stored at CASA secret store and when ever you execute any migration CLI commands using --use-casa switch, it gives the above error.

To overcome this problem, you need to restart CASA daemon by executing rcmicasad restart command from the Linux console and run the migration CLI command again. When it asks for user name and password enter correct username and password. Now if you use --use-casa along with command, it will pick the correct user name and password from the CASA secret store and executes the command without giving any errors.

This is shown in the example below.


Assume wrong credentials are stored at CASA secret store.

systst-ts-182:~/04-09-07 # ntfsmls -s -v TESTDATA1 > ntfsmlsout --use-casa
ntfsmls [Samba] - The share TESTDATA1 does not exist on the server or invalid credentials.
systst-ts-182:~/04-09-07 # rcmicasad restart
Restarting miCASA daemon
Shutting down miCASA daemon                                           done
Starting miCASA daemon                                                done
systst-ts-182:~/04-09-07 # ntfsmls -s -v TESTDATA1 > ntfsmlsout --use-casa
Enter the username (e.g John Doe)
for the server administrator
Enter administrator password:
systst-ts-182:~/04-09-07 # ntuserls -s ntfsmlsout > ntuserlsout --use-casa
systst-ts-182:~/04-09-07 # maptrustees -s -k ou=win2k3,o=novell ntuserlsout > maptrusteesout --use-casa
systst-ts-182:~/04-09-07 #


  • OES 2.0
  • Windows CLI migration.

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