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Using ECHO in NCFs

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By Bryan Keadle

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Posted: 10 Oct 2007

Pre-NetWare 6.5, I used echo statements in my .NCFs to provide informative text about what was going on or for more descriptive prompts.

I was disappointed that these echo statements in my .NCFs no longer worked in NetWare 6.5, and instead produced:

Loading Module ECHO.NLM                                                  [  INIT FAIL  ]
Error: ECHO.NLM must be started from the bash shell.

However, I just discovered a way to still provide echo statements in my NCFs. So, for example, I have an .NCF that backs up the contents of my server's C: drive to a folder on SYS: so that it can be included in my volume backups:

echo on
###  Copying C:\*.* to SYS:CDRIVE
echo off
copy /s /q C:\*.* SYS:\CDRIVE

So instead of this running "so silently" (because I want the /q in the copy statement), I at least see this on my console screen while the copy process is occurring:

SERVER1: cdrivebak.ncf
>###  Copying C:\*.* to SYS:CDRIVE
>echo off

I'm not wild about seeing the "echo off" command, but at least I have most of my screen-echo functionality back.

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