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GRUB Loading Problem while Booting from SLES Bootable CD / DVD

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By Shashikala BV

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Posted: 8 Oct 2007


GRUB loading problem while booting from SLES bootable CD / DVD.


If you notice just "ISOLINUX 3.11 0X4639e5ce " message on the monitor while booting the system through SLES bootable CD / DVD, it could be because the CD / DVD is corrupted or it could have dust on it.

The message "ISOLINUX 3.11 0X4639e5ce" is actually a first line which will be displayed when the GRUB starts and it is not proceeding from there.


  1. Restart the system and see whether GRUB loads.
  2. Remove the CD / DVD, clean and then load it again.
  3. Use some other SLES bootable CD / DVD to boot the system.

The above message is nothing to do with hardware error. It is purely on the CD / DVD issue.



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