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Finding a Missing Trash Folder

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By Tommy Mikkelsen

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Posted: 6 Nov 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have a handful of users who do not have Trash folders. I have performed a GWCHeck (many times) with the post office agents turned off, does not resolve issue. Anyone have any tricks to get their trash folders back? I have (in deperation) performed an Index Check and DB Rebuild to the DOMAIN and Post office DB files."

And here's the response from Tommy Mikkelsen ...


The Trashcan is a system folder, but it can be moved. Try this ...

1. From the user, send a mail containing the example words "This form Rocks" to himself.

2. Delete the mail.

3. Do a search for the example words. It should turn up twice, once in the Sent Items folder and once in the moved Trash.

4. Hunt for the moved Trash folder in the user's folder structure.

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