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Configuring WebAccess on OES 2

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Aaron LeSaux

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Posted: 30 Oct 2007


The default installation of GroupWise WebAccess on an OES2 server requires additional configuration to work. Although OES 2 is based on SLES10, the Tomcat configuration is slightly different. Therefore TID 3248145 needs to be updated to support OES2.


Follow TID 3248145, but change these two details:

1. When configuring the GroupWise WebAccess application, the Tomcat path should be:


2. When editing the gw.conf file for the Apache web server, the ProxyPass line should be port 9009, not 8009.

Once you have made these changes, everything should work fine ...


This solution was tested with GroupWise 7 SP2 and Open Enterprise Server 2.

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