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How to Configure NVidia Integrated Video Chipsets for XGL in SLED 10 SP1

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By Gilles de Bellabre

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Posted: 29 Oct 2007


Many NVidia integrated video chipsets are in theory supported for Xgl in SLED10 SP1, but really hard to configure.


Here is the solution for NVidia embedded chipsets, which include graphics adapters mentioned later in this tip.


Download driver for 32-bit:

or driver for 64-bit:

change to root user with command:

su root

stop graphical desktop with command:

rcxdm stop

launch driver install with command:


always accept default choices.

after installation, reboot.

after reboot, su root, then edit the file:

Modify the line:




(replace Xorg by Xgl)

save and reboot.

Now Xgl is active, and you can go to control center, desktop effects, to choose your preferred parameters.


SLED 10 SP1, NVidia embeded graphics adapters
prerequisites: gcc installed, kernel-source installed.

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