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Moving the IDM Designer Location in Linux

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By Geoffrey Carman

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Posted: 14 Nov 2007


If you have installed Designer for Identity Manager on Linux, and want to move its location, or rename it, it is not as simple as just moving or renaming the directory.


The start script ( and the configuration of the JRE file (Designer.ini) need to be edited to reference the new path.

The desktop icon (<your home dir>/Desktop/Designer.desktop) contains a path reference to where the script should be. That will need to be edited. is in /designer/eclipse and references the location of the directory several times:


As you can see, three variables get set and reference the complete path to the Designer install. Designer.ini is in the same location, and as you can see, it sets a variable -vm that tells Designer which JRE to use. (Because Designer is Java-based, this is critical, as you might imagine).


As Designer matures, I find myself using 2.1.1, 3.0 M1, 3.0M2, and some nightly builds. Having them in seperate directories is very helpful when I encounter a bug.

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