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Finding the Date when an Appointment was Created

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By Jonas Bundy

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Posted: 20 Nov 2007


We had an interesting question this week in the HelpDesk. How do I find the date when an appointment was created?

From looking at the appointment, there is no easy way to see this information. But there is a way, and it will only take you a few quick steps to accomplish.

See the pictures here:

Before we get to the instructions, why would you want to know this information?

  • To establish priority of appointment - which came first, second or third
  • To help you know who created an appointment based on work hours (such as multiple people working in the same shared calendar)


1. Open your Calendar in GroupWise.

2. Select the View menu > Display Settings > Details.

3. Right-click the column headings and select More columns.

4. Select Created in the left column.

5. Click Add to add it to the displayed columns.

6. Select OK to close the Select Columns window.

Now in your GroupWise Calendar you will see all of your Calendar items in a detail view, with the Created column to the right. This column shows you when an appointment was created.

You can sort items by clicking on the title of the column you wish to sort by.

7. To switch back to your normal view, select View > Display Settings > As Calendar (or you can click away to your Mailbox and back).


  • Windows XP
  • GroupWise 7.0.2 HP

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