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Error: "Type the name of the command interpreter (e.g, c:\windows\"

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Shashikala BV

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Posted: 6 Nov 2007


System error: "Type the name of the command interpreter (e.g, c:\windows\"


Install NetWare OS over network.

You need Windows 95 / 98 bootable floppy, NetWare Client (NWCLIENT) floppy and NetWare license floppy to complete the installation.


You booted the system through bootable floppy and using fdisk command, you created the partitions on the system and formated the primary partition i.e. C drive.

Copied the system files to C drive once the format completed. Remove the bootable floppy and reboot the system. System error as follows: "Type the name of the command interpreter (e.g, c:\windows\ c>"

It won't accept any commands now.

Nothing is wrong with the system. The above error is only because of the floppy used for partitioning and formatting the HDD was bad. Try the same with some other good working bootable floppy and it works.

You can create bootable disks from

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