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Resending Common E-mails

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By Jonas Bundy

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Posted: 20 Nov 2007


I've talked to many employees who find they send the same email responding to questions from staff and students. GroupWise has several tools that allow you to capitalize on the work you've already accomplished by reusing the first email you wrote.

Here is a small sampling of how others are using these tools:

  • Students write in asking for their online password to be changed.
  • Staff need to fill out information so that a department can better serve their needs.
  • Staff send answers to common questions.

If you send the same email more than once, these next two ideas will save you time and streamline your work flow. In fact, why not go now into your Sent Items and look for patterns of email, where you can begin to use GroupWise Views to work smarter, not harder?


GroupWise Resend

The first, and easiest, solution to resending an email is use the GroupWise Resend action.

1. Locate the email you wish to resend in your Sent Items and select it.

2. Select Actions > Resend. GroupWise will recreate the email just as you sent it before.

3. Remove the original recipient(s) and send the email. Be sure to click No when asked if you want to retract the original email.

GroupWise Views

The second solution is more robust and uses GroupWise Views.

1. Locate your original email in your Sent Items (or type the email you know you will need to use again).

2. Remove any recipients from the To, CC, or BC fields.

3. From the File menu select Save View.

4. Save the view using a memorable name, such as "Student Password."

You can change where your GroupWise Views are saved by going to Tools > Options > Environment > File Location > Custom Views.

5. Type this same memorable name again, then click OK.

6. Save the view using a memorable name.

Now you will see the memorable name for your view when you select the down arrow next to the New Mail button. You can also find your custom views by going to File > Open View.

If you work in a department that sends similar email, then consider sharing your GroupWise Views. For each person, just save the view in the folder location listed at Tools > Options > Environment > File Location > Custom Views.

See the pictures online at:


  • Windows XP Pro
  • GW 7.0.2.HP

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