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By Alex Evans

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Posted: 4 Dec 2007

I forget to mention that we released GroupWise Mobile Server, powered by Nokia Intellisync for Linux into public beta. It offers all of the same functionality as the Windows version, except there is now no need to roll out a windows server. Give it a try if you can and let us know of any problems you find. The best way to report issues with the beta is to post on the GroupWise forums.

In other news, we also entered authorized beta for GroupWise Bonsai, which means that my Post Office will also be updated soon and I can't wait. The authorized beta sites have all been identified and the program is full sorry - if you come to any tech fairs you can have a look at it though - I think that GWAVACon is going to be the next one, in January. My new found favorite feature, besides the web panels, is the quicksearch in the address book. It seems like I can search almost field and it will find partial matches too. It helps if, like me, you can?t remember names for love nor money.

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