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Solving QuickFinder Index Problems

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Danita Zanre

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Posted: 4 Dec 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"There is a problem with a group mailbox - when the Find function is used, it does not work correctly. It does not show any e-mails at all when details are typed into the search - if left blank, it pulls all e-mails."

And here's the reply from Danita Zanre ...


It sounds like your QuickFinder indexes might be out of date, or even damaged.

1. Go to the POA console.

2. Press F10.

3. Go to Actions > QuickFinder and update your indexes.

See if that does it. Also, you might turn the POA logging on to "verbose" before you do this and look at the QuickFinderprocess running. After each user database there will be a number in parentheses. If this number is "large" you may need to run QuickFinder with some additional switches. Here's a Cool Solutions article that might help you with that:

If you turn on the verbose logging at the POA and do a Quickfinder run, you may find that this user has a gazillion messages that have not been indexed properly (i.e., the number in parentheses after the user database). You still might need to use the startup switches listed to just index the one user with the problem.

Also, running the maintenance on the user may fix some problem that will facilitate reindexing the user, if some underlying database problem is causing the indexing not to occur properly.

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